What your cat should eat!

"Cats are obligate or 'true' carnivores. This makes them a bit different to other meat-eating animals as obligate means 'by necessity'."

Meat is biologically essential for cats to survive ... basically they must eat meat. This is because cats have a higher protein requirement than many other mammals. Cats get certain key nutrients, vitamins and minerals from meat that they can't get from anything else. Without a steady supply of these key nutrients they can suffer from liver and heart problems, as well as skin irritation and hearing loss.

They need meats!

"Their bodies are designed to convert meat protein rather than cereal so for cats to thrive it is crucial that they have a high meat content diet "

Feeding them supermarket cat foods containing very little meat and lots of grains and other bulking ingredients is simply bad for them. Sadly, grains such as corn, wheat and rice are added to many cats foods. This is because they are cheaper to produce than meat and bulk the food out. But these grains are all bad for cats and can cause many problems, including allergies, digestive issues, skin and coat problems, and other serious health issues.

We have the perfect solution

“Luckily, Devoted cat food is packed full of all the essential meat that cats need.”

It's nutritious and completely grain-free. All out cat food recipes contain a massive 90 per cent meat content, with a whopping 68 per cent fresh meat content, the highest meat content of any dry cat food on the market. Our cat food is biologically appropriate, wholesome, delicious and packed with nutritional prepared meats that it contains and it actually works in harmony with cats' natural digestive, energy and dietry needs. Switch today and watch your cat thrive.