What your dog should eat!

“Dogs are carnivores, they need a meat-based diet to thrive”

High-quality animal protein provides dogs with the essential amino acids necessary for healthy cells, organs and muscles. The dietary fat from quality meat sources provides energy and the essential vitamins and fatty acids that are important to dogs for healing, normal cell membrane synthesis, reproduction and a healthy coat and skin. High-quality meat protein basically provides everything that dogs need for all their metabolic and energy requirements.

So, you might ask...

“Why do so many dog foods contain so little meat and so much cereal?”

Well, the answer is that cereal is cheaper than meat and an easy way to bulk out dog foods. But feeding your dogs these types of dog food is essentially like feeding them junk food every day. They not only contain cereal grains and bulking agents but they contain bad sugars and lots of nasty fat to make it tasty. Your dog might like eating it but its body won’t like you for feeding it junk all the time. It would be like us eating fast food every day and expecting to stay healthy and look good. Over time your dog could suffer with any number of problems from eating this type of food, from itchy skin and dull coat to teeth and gum problems, poor digestive health and a lack of energy.

We have the perfect solution

“If you switch to Devoted natural, healthy, nutritious grain free dog food You will see changes occur in your dog quite quickly.”

Our wholesome grain free dog food provides all the essential nutrients your dog needs for healthy skin, coat and joints, shiny eyes, good digestive health and lots of essential energy.