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Why go grain free?

Here at Devoted we make all our pet food without any added grains whatsoever. So that means that our cat, dog and puppy foods are all completely grain-free. And for very good reason...

What’s the reason?

It’s simple really... cats and dogs are carnivores. That’s it, that’s the reason in a nutshell. They were made to eat meat and not grains. Their bodies aren’t designed to digest grains so when they do it can cause them problems.

These problems range from itchy skin and dull coats to poor digestive health, obesity, eye, teeth and gum issues, joint and mobility problems, lethargy and a general lack of the essential energy that cats and dogs need to stay active. And an active dog or cat is usually a happy one.

At Devoted we are passionate about the well-being of cats and dogs everywhere on the planet and we want them all to be happy and healthy. That’s the simple reason we don’t add grains to our recipes and make sure that our food contains lots of good quality meat.


Dogs are carnivores, they need a meat-based diet to thrive. High-quality animal protein provides dogs with the essential amino acids necessary for healthy cells, organs and muscles.

The dietary fat from quality meat sources provides energy and the essential vitamins and fatty acids that are important to dogs for healing, normal cell membrane synthesis, reproduction and a healthy coat and skin.

High-quality meat protein basically provides everything that dogs need for all their metabolic and energy requirements.

So, you might ask, why do so many dog foods contain so little meat and so much cereal? Well, the answer is that cereal is cheaper than meat and an easy way to bulk out dog foods. But feeding your dogs these types of dog food is essentially like feeding them junk food every day.

They not only contain cereal grains and bulking agents but they contain bad sugars and lots of nasty fat to make it tasty. Your dog might like eating it but its body won’t like you for feeding it junk all the time.

It would be like us eating fast food every day and expecting to stay healthy and look good. Over time your dog could suffer with any number of problems from eating this type of food, from itchy skin and dull coat to teeth and gum problems, poor digestive health and a lack of energy.

The good news is that if you switch to Devoted natural, healthy, nutritious grain-free dog food you will see changes occur in your dog quite quickly. Our wholesome food provides all the essential nutrients your dog needs for healthy skin, coat and joints, shiny eyes, good digestive health and lots of essential energy.


Cats are obligate or "true" carnivores. This makes them a bit different to other meat-eating animals as obligate means "by necessity". Meat is biologically essential for cats to survive... basically they must eat meat. This is because cats have a higher protein requirement than many other mammals.

Cats get certain key nutrients, vitamins and minerals from meat that they can’t get from anything else. Without a steady supply of these key nutrients they can suffer from liver and heart problems, as well as skin irritation and hearing loss.

Their bodies are designed to convert meat protein rather than cereal so for cats to thrive it is crucial that they have a high meat content diet. Feeding them supermarket cat foods containing very little meat and lots of grains and other bulking ingredients is simply bad for them.

Like dogs, cats also need the good fats that meat contains to maintain their energy levels and keep their coats healthy and shiny. The fats contain essential fatty acids that help to maintain a cat’s important organs and bodily functions, including their kidneys and reproductive organs.

Sadly, grains such as corn, wheat and rice are added to many cat foods. This is because they are cheaper to produce than meat and bulk the food out. But these grains are all bad for cats and can cause many problems, including allergies, digestive issues, skin and coat problems, and other serious health issues.

Luckily, Devoted cat food is packed full of all the essential meat that cats need. It’s nutritious and completely grain-free. All our cat food recipes contain a massive 90% meat content, with a whopping 68 per cent fresh meat content, the highest meat content of any dry cat food on the market.

Our cat food is biologically appropriate, wholesome, delicious and packed with nutritional benefits. It is highly digestible for cats because of the freshly prepared meats that it contains and it actually works in harmony with cats’ natural digestive, energy and dietary needs. Switch today and watch your cat thrive.

Pets can have allergies

Did you know that some grains have been linked with canine and feline allergies? Gluten is a common allergen not only for humans, but also for dogs and cats, and grains such as corn, wheat and rice all contain gluten, and many cat and dog foods contain lots of these grains.

Some of the signs that your cat or dog is having a bad reaction to the grains in their food include upset tummies, constipation and diarrhoea, skin and coat irritation, ear infections, and a wide variety of other health issues.

If your dog experiences any of these symptoms, of course the first thing you should do is consult your vet but usually a grain-free diet can help to eradicate these symptoms if they are on-going.

And even dogs without allergies will benefit from a diet that has been formulated specifically to meet their natural nutritional needs.

Why Devoted?

Because your pets deserve better. At Devoted we love animals, especially cats and dogs, and we want all pets everywhere to be healthy and happy. So we have worked with the UK’s leading pet nutritionists to create balanced, hypoallergenic, easily digestible and delicious dinners for your precious pooches and kitties.

Devoted pet food is basically love from the inside out. We use only the finest ingredients, including freshly prepared meats, to offer balanced, nutritionally complete food for your pets.

Free from wheat, gluten, soya or dairy and with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, ever, our cat and dog food works in harmony with your pets’ natural digestive, energy and dietary needs.

Our foods are also hypoallergenic and suitable even for cats and dogs with sensitive digestions.

We know that providing pets with the right diet from the very beginning is the key to their well-being and that is why we have created the best possible food for cats, dogs and puppies, using only the finest and most biologically appropriate ingredients.

Feed your pets Devoted and watch them thrive.