We are Devoted. Devoted by name and devoted by nature.

This devotion means we only use the very finest ingredients you can find in a dry pet food, including 60% meat content. Pet owners across 16 countries worldwide are seeing visible results in their cats and dogs from Devoted pet food.

Why Devoted

We are passionate about helping cats and dogs everywhere live happy healthy lives through better diets. Our grain free pet food has been scientifically designed to maximise the health of your pet by delivering the right levels of essential meats, proteins, oils and nutrients  All of our pet food flavours are biologically appropriate and wholesome for all sizes and breeds of dogs, cats, and even developing puppies.  We use only the highest quality natural ingredients and our meat content is a whopping 60% of our dry pet food! Why not compare that to your current dry food?

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Our Food

Devoted pet foods do NOT have the junk food ingredients that other pet foods contain, such as bad sugars, grains and fats. All our pet food is completely natural and our recipes are made using only the finest ingredients. As such Devoted pet foods are hypoallergenic, and suitable for pets with bad teeth, skin conditions, poor coats and digestion issues.
So for oodles of energy, glossy coats, shiny eyes and super-healthy digestive systems, feed your pets Devoted.

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