We are Devoted. Devoted by name and devoted by nature... to pets everywhere.

That's why our cat, dog and puppy foods are grain-free and jam packed with meaty goodness. And they don't contain any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, ever.

Why Devoted

We are passionate about helping all the cats and dogs on our planet live happy healthy lives through better diets. Our food is always biologically appropriate, wholesome, delicious and packed with nutritional benefits. All our cat, dog and puppy foods are hypoallergenic and  suitable for cats and dogs with sensitive digestions. All our recipes contain the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your pets really need to maintain a happy, healthy life.

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Our Food

They don't contain any of the yukky junk that lots of other pet foods contain, such as bad sugars and fats. All our pet food is completely natural and our recipes are made using only the finest ingredients. So for oodles of energy, glossy coats, shiny eyes and super-healthy digestive systems feed your pets Devoted and they will love you forever.

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Natural Ingredients
In All Our Foods
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